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the burden of irresponsibility

COVID-19 is feeling never ending these days… people are exhausted, tired of all the extra time and safety measures in place to protect each other and our communities, and peoples’ faith is wavering. It is certainly hard to maintain all of these things long term, but we’ve all sacrificed SO much that it would be a shame to see all of those sacrifices go to waste.

I know I talked about the pandemic bringing out the true colours of people a couple weeks ago- it’s been an interesting time that’s for sure. But also when we take a step back from it- why are we all feeling so burnt out and frustrated?

I think a lot of this has to do with your background and circumstances throughout this pandemic time- I have been fortunate that I have a job to go to and haven’t had to sacrifice much that way. I understand and recognize that many many people have, and my heart hurts for them. But I can’t rid the world of this pandemic- I can only do my part. My part has been continuing to go to work each day and do my very best for patients and families still needing care during this particularly difficult time. I was still working at the bedside at the beginning of this thing, so I know some of the feelings of fear (for inadequate PPE/ safety from the virus, ever- changing policies, etc.) and then feelings of exhaustion (trying to get everyone trained, signed off on appropriate protocols, ensuring people feel safe, supporting and advocating for staff, patients & families, and then the pure frustration too.

But we need to remember that there are some of us who are just as terrified in our own lives of this virus as well- those of us who have underlying health conditions, who are immunocompromised, or have high exposure rates to COVID-19 without adequate PPE… so I find it very frustrating to see so many people NOT take this thing seriously. On the flip side- there are those we know who KNOW better- have the education and knowledge and selectively interpret facts and relay this information to the public, abusing that trust and power when it is FACTUALLY incorrect… and this aggravates me like no other.. NO other I tell you.

I’ve had a hard time voicing my opinions/ frustrations around this, but I think this post reposted by one of my work colleagues sums things up very very nicely … take a little read.

and to those who are fighting the good fight- keep your heads up. You’re doing the important, amazing work. Don’t forget that.

xo, C

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