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we’re backkkkkk

hello hello! (to the probably 2 people who are going to read this) ….

we’re back!

Oliver says Happy New Year!

In case you hadn’t noticed (which let’s be honest you probably haven’t) I took a bit of a hiatus over the past many months with a lot going on in life… (minus those playlists I was committed to posting for you all who check for them!) but I made the promise to myself that I would get back on track with this in January! So here I am… January 29th getting my life together (or trying anyways!)


I know a lot of people can likely relate when I say the last year has been absolutely exhausting. Definitely the last 2 years in general, but something feels like it changed last year. People’s compassion disappeared. Nobody was understanding anymore, the “heroes” working on the front lines in essential services during this pandemic have been long forgotten. People are concerned about losing their rights and freedoms, but not the lives of their neighbours, coworkers, and friends… and it has been a bit disheartening. Like I’ve said for a long time, this pandemic and the privilege it highlights so many have has truly brought out the best and the very worst in people.

a metaphor for life always, but especially the last two years

But there has also been some good parts in the past year too! I think it was mid- spring since I was last on here…. so quick recap. I moved (I ended up in a bit of a horrific situation in the place I was previously living, which is a post in its own, full story another time!) but that disaster brought me the opportunity to move in with an old friend of mine, into a lovely new place (with a yard for little Ollie!) I started a new job mid summer (still In nursing but in a professional practice role) so with that transition has also come its own challenges – missing the bedside and working with kiddos and families for sure, but also being able to be involved in making some positive change and being part of an incredible team that I work with and learn from each day.

Like most people, my mental health hasn’t been stellar the past year either so I am trying to work on setting boundaries and taking the time for myself that I need to work on things to keep as healthy as I can! And improve my physical health as well and just get organized cause the last year feels like I have just been running on empty with no end in sight, and just treading water! I’m not really one for New Years resolutions, but sometimes it just feels like a good timeline to use for a bit of a reset and to take inventory of where we’re at and where we want to go from here.

So all in all, you can expect a lot more of the same old me writing this for the sole one or two people this year.

Chat soon,

xx, – C

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